International Trade Intelligence is a boutique consultancy firm based in Paris. We provide services in the trade policy domain to governments, international organizations, business, and non-profits. Our expertise includes stakeholder management, services trade (in particular e-commerce and digital trade), rules of origin, the implementation and evaluation of trade agreements, the utilization of trade preferences and the geostrategic dimensions of international trade. ITI also has specialized knowledge on the economic and political dimensions of India's trade policies and trade agreements.

Advice and Strategy

For clients who need to understand the fast-moving currents in international trade, we offer evidence-based advice and cutting-edge knowledge. We help our clients with custom solutions to make sense of the economic, legal and political dimensions of multilateral, minilateral and bilateral trade negotiations and agreements.

Research and Analysis

We offer tailored political and economic analysis of bilateral, minilateral and multilateral trade agreements as well as advice on trade and development, e-commerce and digital trade, the geostrategic dimensions of trade and other trade-related issues. ITI is recognized for delivering high-quality research under tight deadlines.

Recent projects and publications

Other work and advice by our team

  • Chairman of the WTO Appellate Body

  • HM Trade Commissioner for South Asia

  • UK Cabinet Office

  • UK Department of International Trade (DIT)

  • UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

ITI has also been advising institutional investors on the politics of trade policy.